What will you do in 2013? When you put “I will” in front of your commitments and goals you are making a promise and declaration and you are more likely to follow through…Here are a few of mine I thought I would share…What are yours? 

I will be grateful

I will listen… focus on being present

I will do my best everyday

I will share

I will collaborate

I will compliment people

I will live without regret

I will respect myself at all times

I will forgive and accept myself when I make a mistake

I will read something new every day

I will write in my journals

I will read 40 books this year

I will launch my new book … “G3”

I will speak to over 25,000 people this year

I will listen to self-help audio books in my car … your car is just a University on wheels

I will make those around me feel loved

I will forever pursue happiness regardless of what occurs

I will take responsibility for my actions

I will surround myself with people who inspire me

I will laugh at myself

I will hug my wife and children often

I will help those in need

I will use kind words in difficult situations

I will live with an attitude of gratitude

I will respect others points of view

I will pick myself up when I fall

I will work out every day

I will drink lots of water (and wine)

I will say sorry when I make a mistake and mean it

I will take a break when I need it

I will live every day as if it is the first and the last

I will not be driven by fear

I will find extraordinary in every day

I will enjoy my food

I will be patient

I will get up early

I will teach leaders and learn from leaders through my work

I will read this list every morning

I will not take myself too seriously

I will cry when my emotions tell me to

I will listen to my inner voice

I will focus on the attitude of giving

I will play hockey, golf, tennis, swim and ski regularly in season and stay very active


“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right”-Henry Ford       


I read my list every day when I wake up and it jump starts my day … positive affirmations & repetition creates excellent habits and a life of abundance and success.


Make it Straight A’s Week & Year!  

Seasons Greeting and all the best for 2013!


Tim Cork 

President, Straight A’s Inc.

An Insight Marketing Company



Are you getting Straight A’s in life?

Find out at www.timcork.com

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