Recently we’re working on creating/revamping website for a number of our clients. As an essential marketing tool, an effective website does not just offer information, but also move leads to the next sales funnel. In this blog post I’d like to talk about website calls-to-action (CTAs), as they are at the center of a website’s lead generation and conversion power.

There’re many different types of CTAs for different type of business and certain specific stage of the sales funnel. First I’d like to talk about a couple of essential CTAs for collecting leads on your website. The first and most common one is Contact Us” type of CTA. Make sure your phone number is very apparent on every page (don’t just add it in the footer near the copyright). Have a contact form in place, from which you want to get the essential contact info of the leads without asking for too much information upfront.

Another way to collect leads on your website is to offer subscription to your blog, e-marketing, or resource center. If your content marketing strategy is aligned with your lead generation efforts, you should already have assets that will interest your website visitors, and that means you can ask for lead information in exchange. So have a subscription button at the top of your web page and contact us page.

Other types of CTA include offering a free consultation or a trial version of your product, inviting the visitor to sign up for a demo, showcasing an educational guide with advice on how to save time or avoid problems, featuring a graphic with a coupon or special offer, using social media, etc. You can choose the ones that fit your business, and make sure that your website contains several targeted CTAs, speaking to leads in every stage of the sales funnel.

When it comes to CTA itself, emphasize on the benefits resulting from the desired action taken; use verbs such as “get”, “go to”, or “grab”, and create a sense of urgency to entice them to take action now. You can put the same CTA in various places on your web pages to increase the chance of them being seen and acted upon. Lastly, one tip that I came across is to look into your google analytics stats and find the most popular content on your website, and capitalize that content by having a CTA nearby to move your leads to the next sales funnel.

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