There are distinct differences between men and women – obviously. But in this case, we’re referring to the differences in how each gender responds to marketing techniques.

Men and women need to be addressed differently when it comes to marketing products and services – if they’re not, you’re wasting your time and efforts. Knowing this and acting accordingly doesn’t make a business sexist or anti-feminist or any other ‘ist’ it simply means that a business is a savvy marketer and understands how to best reach its audience.

In general, men want to see hard facts with all of the important information up front, whereas women look for more comprehensive data and an emotional connection. Women are also more visual and tend to browse before making a decision, but men look for the fast facts.

On a business website for example, women not only want to see testimonials when browsing, they also put a lot of trust in what those snippets say – they have an emotional connection to the opinions expressed by current or former customers. Men, on the other hand, think that testimonials are nonsense. They would rather take the time to review a case study that outlines how a business successfully solved a problem – this is important information to know about how a business operates.

And, when it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest is the place to go when marketing to women, as that platform is female-dominated. (We should note that there is no particular male-dominated social media platform.)

So, with these differences in mind, how do you best approach your marketing strategy? The key is to include elements that appeal to both genders. For example, when designing a website, ensure that it has easy-to-browse capabilities (for women) as well as direct buttons or keyword links (for men). Each gender will usually gloss over the elements that don’t appeal to them in search of what does. And neither will care that there’s a second approach to finding the same information as long as they are easily able to find what they need.

The most important thing to remember when you’re planning a marketing strategy is to know and understand your audience. Tactics need to differ when marketing to a male-dominated audience rather than a female-dominated audience; just as they would when marketing to a younger audience rather than an older audience.

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