Top 3 reasons why you need to rebrand

If you think rebranding your business means simply designing a new logo and refreshing your site’s colour palette, you need to think again and think much bigger. While visuals are definitely a main component of any brand, rebranding is primarily about repositioning yourself in the marketplace to align with your brand’s key purpose. You need to understand your target market, and make sure that your brand fits within it. So how do you know when your business is ready for a rebrand?

Your business is ready for a rebrand when…

  1. Your brand is no longer reflective of who you are. This could mean that your company has expanded into new markets that need representation in your brand, or that you’ve significantly changed your products and/or services. If you want to succeed in your new target areas, you need to make sure that your branding properly reflects your current offerings.
  2. Your target market has changed. Target markets are the biggest single reason to rebrand, whether it’s because you’re expanding your target audience, or you want to establish your expertise within your market. The number one driver for customers who are seeking a new service provider is whether a business truly understands their needs and whether they are specific to their sector. If your branding shows your specificity to your market, this will make customers more likely to choose you.
  3. Your brand just feels tired. Maybe your branding does accurately represent your business, but you still could be in need of a refresh. Rebranding can be a great opportunity to refocus and retarget your business. Typically when you start a business, you eagerly accept any opportunities that come your way, but as you later become more successful, you’re able to better target your branding to your desired areas of focus.

If any of these reasons ring true for your business, let us help you figure out your rebranding plan. Rebranding can help you rediscover your business’ focus, specialization, and expertise, as well as help you attract new business in your target market. We’re here to help make sure you’re putting your business’ best face forward in the marketplace.

Trying to decide where to best spend your marketing dollars? We’ll cover what you need to include in your B2B marketing plan – and what you shouldn’t waste your time and money on – in our next blog post.

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