Three QuickBooks Blogs You May Find Useful


There’s a lot of information about QuickBooks out there, so it’s hard to figure out where to start when you want to learn more about using QuickBooks. A lot of that information comes from blogs, either run by individuals or companies whose products are QuickBooks-related. All of these are great, but the following is a list of three QuickBooks blogs that we thought stood out among the crowd:


1. QuickBooks and Your Business

 This independently run blog has been providing QuickBooks help and guidance since 2010. They infuse technical QuickBooks information with cheerful personality, recently taking time out to wax poetic about New England springs. No offense, New England, but ice fishing in March sounds like winter to me!

 The articles on QuickBooks and Your Business are easy to read but certainly not dumbed down; there’s some real valuable information in there. Recent blog posts include information on hiring a book keeper, upgrading QuickBooks, fixing your company file, and accounting information dealing with double-sided transactions.


2. The QuickBooks Specialists’ QuickBooks Help Blog

 This blog, written by Ruth Perryman is straight to the point. QuickBooks users write in questions and Ruth aptly and concisely answers them. The questions are more on the technical side – dealing with errors and “How do I” type questions, so if you’re looking for the answer to a specific problem, this is a great blog to visit.

 There is general information on this QuickBooks blog, however, which is relevant to everyone. This blog updates for QuickBooks product updates and changes, and keeps you up to date on the status of the QB features you’ve come to know.


3. “QuickBooks, Excel, Cash Flow, and Technology!” Nerd’s Blog

This blog run by Nerd Enterprises offers a ton of really helpful how-to’s that cover all versions of QuickBooks, from Online to Enterprise and back again. Along with articles containing information on taxes, organization, and how-to’s, among many other articles.  There are some fairly niche articles, too, like advice on recording the expense incurred by having a storage unit, so if you have an unusual situation on your hands and need specific information, you should definitely consult the Nerd Enterprises.



Source: ProOnGo Blog

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