Having a blog on your website is a key marketing tool – we’ve spent some time writing about this here on our blog. But although blogging is important, it’s only worth your while if it’s done right. If it’s done wrong, it is not only a waste of time, but it can end up costing you customers and your reputation. 

A good blog showcases your expertise, increases your favourability with search engines and attracts and retains new customers. A bad blog does just the opposite. 

With that, we give you the four deadly sins of blogging. 

1) Bad writing. Unless you’re marketing to teenagers, spelling and grammar matter. A lot. Not only that, but sentence structure and flow matter too. You don’t need to be an award-winning writer to write a blog, but you do need to know how to construct a proper sentence and how to make your thoughts flow so that everyone understands your point. Stream of consciousness writing doesn’t work on blogs; neither does text nor Twitter-speak. With a badly written blog, there’s a good chance that your customers won’t come back – and if they won’t come back to your blog and your website, you’ll likely lose them forever. 

2) Opinions without facts.  Yes, your blog is a great place to express your opinion but only within context. And that context comes from your experience in your industry. Use your blog to show how you problem-solved a situation or to offer your take on a particular industry trend rather than to simply voice your opinion on a subject. Your customers don’t want to be told what to think, they want to place their trust in you based on your industry experience and expertise. 

3) Recycling material. A blog that simply recycles the same topics found elsewhere on the Internet is uninteresting and quickly loses eyeballs. Sure, there are no new ideas out there, but there are new perspectives. As a B2B business, tap into the passion that drove you to start your business rather than using someone else’s ideas and opinions as a springboard for your own post. 

4) Irrelevant topics. Just as recycled blog posts can be a killer, irrelevant blog posts can also be the death you. Your business blog needs to focus on just that – your business. This focus can be expanded to include your personal expertise and your experience as it relates to your business and/or day-to-day operations. What it should not be is a place for you to dump whatever is on your mind. Our Kevin Maynard can write a dozen blog posts about why he loves Quentin Tarantino movies but why he hated the most recent one, but the Smart Foundations blog isn’t the time or the place for that. 

But if you do want to know how he feels about that movie, he’d be happy to talk your ear off in person.

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