Offering benefits as part of an overall compensation package has almost become a no brainer. Employees practically expect to be offered benefits that cover – either completely or partially – their prescription drug costs, their dental visits, their paramedical services and their prescription glasses. So although salary is a key factor in attracting and retaining employees, offering a good benefit package is just as important. 

How then, do you rise above the competition when a standard health benefit package is expected rather than seen as a benefit? By stepping up your game and offering wellness benefits that go above and beyond standard health benefits. 

Wellness benefits cover a much broader category than standard health benefits. Some larger companies take the concept of wellness far by offering employees on-site services such as fitness centres, stress reduction programs, massages, and even nap rooms (or nap pods as is the case on the Googleplex campus in California). It’s because of offerings such as these that wellness benefits are often thought of as luxury extras that can only be offered by extremely profitable businesses. 

Companies the size of Google may offer nap pods and tennis courts (among many other things) but smaller businesses can still offer wellness benefits – ones that are inline with their company values but still go far beyond simply covering the costs of the occasional massage. 

The most common wellness benefits to include are subsidies or reimbursements of:

  • health and lifestyle coaching
  • smoking cessation programs
  • weight loss programs
  • nutritional counselling
  • fitness club memberships
  • fitness equipment

The rise in offering wellness benefits is making them a key differentiator amongst businesses as they enhance a company’s ability to attract and retain employees. And that’s because wellness benefits resonate with employees. For the most part, people want to work for a business that they feel cares about them – and they’re willing to put more effort into their work when they feel cared for.  

A company that spends money and resources specifically to help them maintain or improve their health is seen as a company worth working for.

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