Growth Path has recently joined c-Seven’s Helping Hands program, to assist not-for-profit programs with their marketing. First, I applaud our friends at c-Seven (who have helped us build this website and it’s predecessor) for their efforts in reaching out this helping hand.

There are some significant challenges faced by not-for-profit, especially when it comes to securing funding. Whether it’s by donation, or private financing, the issues can be the same.

Not-for-profits don’t just need a cause, they need a selection of key messages to appeal to their target audience. Most are great at the emotional messaging – the tug at heartstrings that resonates with many. Sick kids, endangered families, protection of wildlife & nature. But that’s the easy one.

There is a significant portion of the populace, which wants a more reasoned approach. They want to know what you are going to do, how, and what’s the expected impact. This is the rational messaging. It’s not enough to show you care, you need to show what you can do.

And there is a final percentage – smaller than the others, but with more funding potential – which is results messaging oriented. You want to be able to say that every hundred dollar donation provides a family of four fresh water for three months. Or provides sanctuary to save six baby seals. This is always the most difficult – especially when the aim is to seek a cure, or eradicate social issues. But there is always a way, including showing progress. The $400,000 last year bought three DNA sequencers to help track down…. You get the picture.

Some causes are less easy to identify with – sometimes the means of action is still to be determined – and results difficult to quantify. Sometimes all three. But addressing each of these needs to be a priority of your not-for-profit marketing plan, because they are the key to unlocking potential funding – and future good works.

Check out c-Seven’s Helping Hands program, and see how Growth Path is contributing.


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