Blogs are supposed to be immediate, but I needed a little distance before writing this one. Kodachrome, my 18 year old cat passed on two weeks ago, just three weeks after his sister Pandy. I’d been prepared for Pandy – she had been frail and ethereal for the past couple years, but Kody was always robust.

If you ask anyone else, they would describe him as mean, cantankerous and anti-social. My niece called him evil. He used to lurk in ambush for her, chasing her down the hall screaming. He would routinely swat visitors as they entered to let them know they were unwelcome. I made him infamous as “Mr Fluffy” in my networking group and subsequent blogs, as a case study trying to rebrand – an ironic comment on his unapproachable nature. But like all of us, this surface behaviour really didn’t define him.

Kody was whip smart and attentive. He didn’t miss anything. He watched TV, especially loving David Attenborough’s Life of Birds. No, really. And he knew his way around a calendar. As he got older, he received more meds, including a treatment after supper every 4 days, which he hated. And he learned to count those days, and would go mysteriously absent right after supper. He understood camouflage and had a great ability to hide in plain sight. And dearly loved harassing pigeons on the window sills.

Now this is mostly typical cat behaviours, but those people who think cats aloof and distant would be surprised to know that he always came to the door to greet us. He would come when called (except at meds time). When I spied a pigeon that he hadn’t yet, I had a special call, which he responded to by slinking in surreptitiously so as not to scare away his prey. Smart and responsive. And he dearly loved sitting between my wife and I – although he was never a lap cat.

And when his very social and charming brother Red Chief passed on a couple years ago, he assumed the role of Pandy’s companion, although he had always been a loner and never cuddled like the other two. And he suddenly stopped beating up on her too – knowing his role had changed. He stepped up from being the majestic, impressive and athletic dangerous cat, to being the companion to the rest of his family – something we never would have guessed he had in him.

And I used the word there that probably best describes him to me – majestic. A true iconoclast, I will miss you my majestic friend, Kody.

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