Like most business owners, I fall into the trap of spending more time executing work for clients than on my own business. This new website is hoping to buck that trend. It’s been almost three years since the last complete overhaul of the site, and I never once thought that it wasn’t serviceable.

I was wrong. In so many ways that it’s hard to count.

There was way too much text. That was a clumsy attempt to get all the keywords into search engines.

Despite that, we didn’t have case studies, except those buried in the blogs, and no testimonials.

The site wasn’t aligned with the new Penguin search engine standards implemented by Google earlier this year (and which Kim blogged about).

There was no video, even though I know that it’s the top way to drive traffic and SEO.

Yeah, I blogged regularly, bit that was it for social media. Like most business owners, this seemed to me to be a time vampire.

And last summer I sat down with a former employee who is now at Apple in web usability. He did not have kind things to say about our site structure.

Finally, none of the ongoing marketing service packages were on the site. They were developed – all of them even sold, but you couldn’t tell from the site.

So we fixed it all. I listened to the experts, no matter how painful. It was actually kind of fun filming the Vlogs. In case you can’t tell – I didn’t have scripts for any of them – I wanted a more natural delivery. We’ll now be posting a new Vlog every other week – with written ones in between. New content weekly… almost like what we do for most of our client base. Kim and I are splitting the blogs, and Alex has taken over the Twitter feed, because they have different styles and thoughts from me – and I’m already over-exposed in the vlogs.

We still have a few more changes coming, including a client gallery, but the site should evolve continually. Let me know what you like and don’t like, and your feedback can be part of our evolution.

I do miss the acorn a little though….

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