When it comes to Email Marketing there’s a lot you need to consider. Whether it’s choosing a topic to write about, creating an enticing subject line for the campaign, or as Annie touched on in the last blog – growing your email marketing lists. All of these aspects are critical to the success and effectiveness of your campaigns but at the end of the day, no matter how well structured and optimized your e-marketing efforts are, if you can’t measure the results of your campaign how do you know you’re not just wasting your time and resources?

To make sure you have the right information to reach your goals here is five essential email marketing metrics you should be measuring:

Open Rate
Open rate is measured by how many times the email was opened. This indicates how well recognized you are by your recipients and gives you a good idea of the value they place on receiving an email from you.

Clickthrough Rate
Clickthroughs are tracked when a user clicks on a link you have included in your email. These are usually call-to-actions you have included that offer something of value – whether it be a product or service you’re selling or an event you’re promoting.

Unsubscribe Rate
Unsubscribes measure the amount of recipients that are opting out of your e-marketing program and no longer wish to receive any more emails from you. They should be removed from your list immediately.

Bounceback Rate
Bouncebacks measure the amount of emails that could not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. There are two types of bouncebacks that you need to be aware of:

  • Soft Bounceback – Soft bouncebacks occur when there is a temporary problem with the recipients email such as a full inbox or an issue with the server.
  • Hard Bounceback – Hard bouncebacks are the result of an incorrect or invalid email and should be removed from your list immediately.

List Growth Rate
List growth measures the growth rate of your recipient list since you have last sent out a campaign. If your growth rate is negative this means that you had more unsubscribes than new users who signed up to your e-marketing programs.

These metrics will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your e-marketing efforts and will help you fine-tune your approach.

If you’re struggling with your email marketing programs and want to see better results see how Growth Path’s custom e-marketing program can help you reach your goals.


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