In my last blog post I outlined the benefits and some guidelines to fully unitize Facebook page for B2C businesses. In this blog post I’d like to talk about two Facebook features: Facebook events and Facebook ads. 

Facebook events are often one of the most overlooked features that you have at your disposal on Facebook. It can be used to promote almost anything related to a specific date and location – a product launch, discount on an existing product during a period of time, a gathering, or milestones of your business.

When creating a Facebook event, we want the event information to be easily accessible, so put the important information at the top of the details section, and list all of the relevant links at the end. You can add videos and photos to promote the event, use the wall and the discussion board to communicate with your attendees. You can invite all your friends to join the event, and add more admins to your event so they can invite all their friends as well. If you add the event to your profile, it will be added to the newsfeed your friends. This makes it easy to spread the word and truly tap into the power of social media. 

Now let’s move on to Facebook ads. Facebook ads can be a really inexpensive and effective marketing tool. There’re many different types of Facebook ad, and it can be used to advertise your Facebook page, a Facebook event that you’ve created, or an external web site etc.

The beauty of creating an ad on Facebook is that you have the ability to target your ad to a very specific group of customers by defining a list of factors such as their location, age, interest etc. Also, you can control many aspects of your campaign such as when you’d like it to start and finish, who you’d like to target, what your daily budget is. Because you can get so targeted and have great control over your daily spending, it’s very easy to run multiple ads by just changing a picture, a word, or the amount of the discount, and see which one performs better. It’s a great way to test which marketing works best for you.

Facebook events and Facebook ads are two great tools for B2C businesses to promote their businesses. If you’re looking for inexpensive and effective ways to get the word out, give them a try.

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