Smart Foundations was the merging of three successful businesses to provide a comprehensive solution for owner-managers seeking business growth. We knew what was needed, and brought together the expertise for business growth made easy.

Falkner & Associates was Rob Falkner’s business advisory services company, founded in 1998, which helped SMEs going through change. Growth Path was Kevin Maynard’s strategic marketing company. Founded in 2006, Growth Path worked with small and mid-sized businesses to determine and implement the marketing initiatives that produced both short-term results to enable companies to stay on course, while at the same time fuelled longer-term strategic plans. Galloway Consulting Group, a successful bookkeeping company, had its client base acquired by Rob and Kevin. Combined, they created the comprehensive financial, strategic marketing and business advisory services we offer SMEs.

Because we are experts in these three key areas of business, we are the ideal solution for owner-managers who don’t know what services they need or who need services that cross over from one area of expertise to another.

Rob Falkner - business growth expert Rob Falkner has a background as a CPA/CA and has held prestigious CFO and GM positions for several Canadian and U.S. companies. His consulting experience is international – he has worked extensively in Asia and North America – and he brings much more to the table than financial expertise. Rob understands what owner-managers need to move beyond bookkeeping to use their financials as a business tool, because he’s been an owner-manager too.

Kevin Maynard - business growth expert Kevin Maynard has more than 25 years experience heading marketing, product management and business development teams. He has worked across North America, Europe and Asia, with businesses ranging from single person consultancies to multi-national conglomerates. Along the way, Kevin has become a renowned expert in Business-to-Business (B2B) strategies for marketing and business development. Kevin is also a long-term expert on business networking skills.




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