In my last blog post about SEO, I talked about why we need to build backlinks, what makes a good backlink, and some basic ways to get backlinks; and here I’ll continue to talk about some other backlinking strategies.

If the website you’re promoting is for a local business, backlinking from local directories is essential. The first local directory you should consider is Google places, the directory of businesses to provide local results to the Google search results. It’s also important to get listed on Yahoo local and Bing local. You could also search your business type along with the word “directory”, and see what kind of directory shows up; also consider directories for a city or town by searching with a city name along with the word “directory”. Sometimes the only way to get listed in these directories is to pay, but often you could get a basic listing for free. You can also use a directory service such as, which takes your data and sends it to hundreds of different directory services.

Another backlinking strategy is to write press releases, and use a free online release site or a paid distribution service to distribute your press release online. It can take a bit more effort to write really good press release, but a good one gets syndicated to many websites and sometimes even highly regarded sites, which all get indexed in Google to show up in search results. A well-crafted press release needs to have something truly relevant and new to announce about the company; and it has no obvious sales material or appeal, but instead subtly guides the reader to want more. Be sure to include your relevant keywords in the release, and use keyworded links pointing back to your site.

Also, you could search for forum sites related to your business, and keep an eye on the messages people post. If someone asks about your products or services, you can mention that you provide those products or services. If someone asks a question related to your business, you can answer it and include a signature line with a link to your site. It’s critical to not come across as spam, but rather to help people so they will read your post; and if it’s helpful, they will click on your links. A similar strategy is posting links on Q&A sites such as yahoo answers, wiki answer, and askville.

You could also submit guest articles to related blogs or convince those bloggers to link back to your site. Posting about your products or services on classified sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji is another way to get backlinks. There’re almost unlimited backlicking strategies, and although not all links have the same weight for SEO, they bring more people to your website from different sources, which potentially leads to increased sales, therefore it’s well worth the time and effort. 

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