Blogging is essential to your B2B inbound marketing strategy

The business world works differently than it did just a decade ago. Where it used to be that the sales department felt the pressure to generate leads and increase business through traditional outbound marketing tactics; today, much focus is on developing effective inbound marketing strategies. 

These strategies include adding vlogs and blogs to the company website, investing in Google ad words, managing social media pages and attending networking events. 

The trouble is that many B2B business owners tend to develop inbound marketing strategies based on the successes of their B2C counterparts. But B2C business owners primarily focus their inbound marketing efforts on building brand awareness – a strategy that does not produce the same results for B2B business owners. 

So, if the B2C tactics aren’t effective, what are? Rather than throwing it all out there and seeing which method sticks, focus your inbound marketing efforts on boosting your SEO. And the most effective way to do this is by having a regularly updated blog on your website. 

Like this blog, your blog should not be used to sell your products or services or raise brand awareness – it’s about showcasing your expertise. By doing so, you’re not only engaging your customers and potential customers, you’re boosting your value with Google (and other such search engines). 

Because Google is smarter than you think. Not only is it browsing keywords when it flips through your website, it’s also taking a heuristic approach to viewing your website. By this we mean that Google actually interprets the content on your website and draws a conclusion as to what you’re inferring. Write often about networking, for example, and Google will conclude that you are an expert on the art of business mingling and direct organic searches accordingly. Write often about summer drink recipes and guess what Google will think you’re an expert in? 

When it comes to B2B businesses, a regularly updated blog is a powerful inbound marketing tool to invest in. It reinforces your skills, showcases your expertise, allows your business to build depth and attracts new customers.

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