We live in a video-driven society. Consumers today would rather click on a video to find out what they need to know rather than read pages and pages of website copy or download a PDF to find out the same information. (Ironic then, we know, that we’re writing this information rather than putting it in a video.)

And, when it comes to your website, pages with video are far more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine than pages without.

All this means that if you want to stand out, your website needs video.

Previously, we wrote about the five different types of video. Choosing which one, or ones, to invest in depends on your marketing goals, strategic plan and budget. Let’s take another look at those five types of video to understand the benefits of each.

The brand video.  Giving your brand a boost with this kind of video is a huge asset to your business. And, a video done well will make your business appear larger than it actually is — which has the potential to attract more customers. But a highly polished and flashy brand video doesn’t come cheap and likely doesn’t fit in every SMB’s budget.

The how-to video. These videos are worth the investment if your business sells complex services or products that require in-depth explanations. Customers will catch on quicker by watching step-by-step instructions rather than attempting to follow an IKEA-like instruction booklet.

The case study video. These are our favourite and (in our opinion) the most effective type of videos. That’s because a case study is much more than just a testimonial; it’s a showcase of a problem your business faced, the steps you took to solve it and your client’s feedback to your solution. If you don’t have the budget to do a case study video, consider writing a case study with a video testimonial from the client for extra punch.

The vlog video. Choosing video instead of written blog posts allows customers and potential customers to develop a stronger connection to the person delivering the vlog, and therefore, a stronger connection to the company.

The news update video. Just like the vlog, using video rather than written posts to give news updates is a stronger way to connect with your customers.

For the greatest impact and the most cost-effective use of your video budget, aim to produce and post a mix of all five types of videos — of no more than three minutes long — over the course of a year. By doing so, you’ll have the best chance at catching your intended audience’s attention.

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