Productizing services is an effective way to stabilize cash flow and build long-term relationships with clients, but breaking down your services and designing programs around your offerings is only the first step.

You can’t make more money out of productizing services if your clients don’t know about it. That’s why it’s critical to revamp your marketing and communications programs to let your clients know about your amazing new programs and how effective they are.

At Growth Path, we’ve developed a set of best practices that should work for most organizations and support most kinds of offerings. We understand that, when it comes to marketing, everything depends on your target market which means there are no hard rules, so we encourage you to use the following points as general guidelines to get you thinking about how to market your new products!

7. Key message development: Before you start, make sure your website, your marketing materials and whatever you’re going to talk about are on the same page. Invest in a set of key messages and consciously weave them through everything you use to communicate. From the script your receptionist says when picking up the phone to your personal conversations with potential clients at networking events. You should eat, sleep and breathe your key messages.

6. Account mining: Former satisfied clients make for fertile ground when mining new accounts. These clients are much more likely to take your call and, because they already know you and trust you, they’ll be more likely to buy from you too.

5. Start with personal contact as much as possible. A call, or even a lunch if your client’s amenable, to chat about your new programs and seek referrals is most effective.

4. Follow up with a note to your contact and enclose a copy of your latest case study to further illustrate how your new products work and how effective they are.

3. Make sure your website reflects the changes in your products. Develop case studies as soon as possible and post them in a highly visible place on the website.

2. E-blasts and newsletters: Send out a monthly e-blast. Write less than a paragraph and provide a link to some interesting (and related) information. Send out newsletters on a quarterly basis. Studies show the best months to send out your newsletter are February, May, August and November.

1. Get video. Video is the most effective medium today to build trust and illustrate benefits. Invest in a professional two to three minute video about your program and post in on your website’s homepage. Set your video to play automatically when a client lands on your home page.

If you’ve invested your time and money in productizing your services, it’s crucial that you get the message out. People can’t buy what they don’t know exists so make sure that you get your product in front of them as soon as you can.

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